BLACK Pergamena Bread (box 100 g)

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Panificio Cherchi Alghero

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Alghero (SS)

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Shipped by 11 December 2021

Ingredients: remmiled DURUM wheat semolina (48%),olive oil (18%), salt (2%), activated carbon (1,10%) brewer's yeast (1%).

Caracteristic: Thin and crispy sheet of bread

The bread Parchment is a rectangular sheet of bread, thin, crispy. They are made with only four ingredients; flour of durum wheat semolina, water, yeast and salt. Simple ingredients for a unique, hight quality product. By virtue of its versatility it is a valuable ally at al the table, it goes perfectly well with all dishes, from salami to cheeses, from meat to fish, from jams to chocolate. Crispy and a little salty, the delicate crackers enhance the taste of every dish

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